A terribly sad thing.

My lovely friend Paul Fuller – known to me as Blind Paul / BlindDawg Paul, who had fought and held at bay cancer for 15 years or so ( as well as becoming progressively and almost completely blind ) .. was finally defeated today by the inevitable.

Mercifully ( to me ) death came indecently quickly. I saw him in hospital just a week ago and he was ‘ well ‘ all things considered.

He went home the day after, having been declared well enough, but then returned to hospital only to die just a few days later.
I got my last text message from him 3 days ago, it being as usual intelligent and thoughtful.

Now he’s gone.

Only the Good die young.
Never more true.

RIP BlindDawg. You’ll be in the Wing Fitting Room as I type, up there in Heavenly Host training. You were always a shoe in for the wings.

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