A message to get me going ;)

Hey Russ, looks like you cracking on well there old chap, bumped into your blog this morning and have been reading through the posts, what can I say that you haven’t heard before..keep strong there pal, another challenge you have on your hands but you know very well how to deal with those. I guess you should start thinking of the Rio Olympics … I reckon a couple of Olympic golds hanging on the wall at home would suite you. Remember, you have already lined up in a final with no less that 4 Olympians next to you at the indoor champs….and I know a good coach in Trevor Wetherall based in Richmond:) I think I have a few pictures from that day, will tag them up in a bit. Been thinking of you often over the last weeks, that muscle strength and size will come back bigger than before I reckon, especially once you start hitting the gym again, that stuff comes naturally for professional athletes like up – LOL… Doing a fair bit of surf ski which is great, weather is hot in summer but doable, winter is great, 24 degrees , much like the British summer, just great. So if you mak a fly by through Dubai be sure to let me know, will take you out on the double ski.. Listen pal, keep strong and love those girls of yours, they all look so special, you have a lovely family… Keep up the great blog and I know that the wine pallet will come back! Cheers Kenlea

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