A message from Voj- part of the amazing Hogarth Team.

Dear Russ,

Can we do it all again?!

Some weekend eh?! What can I say..

I’ve done things for charity before but never for one person in particular. It was an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of the Spineathon for you. 
For once during the Spinathon the saddle soreness was embraced and somewhat apt considering the state of your bum!

We’ve met perhaps a dozen times but the magic of The Russ the boys always told me about feels like I’ve known you a lot better. The point is pre accident your spirit was infectious and now through your horrific ordeal it shines through even more so. Seeing the strength and willpower of Dani is scarily mind blowing. If you are lucky to have her, we are lucky to know her. I presume you are both just being yourselves but that love, strength, support and humour radiates so strongly in ways you couldn’t realise. I’ve always been a sucker for stories of great friendship (I always well up watching Jerry McGuire, Shawshank Redemption and er Cool Runnings!) but witnessing Dan’s determination to do his best by his best mate is bloody marvellous.

This whole event must be so hard in ways we cannot imagine from the luxury of my distance, but the realism you all show along with the resolve and tenacity makes me – here comes the wanky sounding part – reflect on the type of person I am and gives me the drive to better myself.

In May I had an amazing time at Chris and Linda’s wedding. And part of that was partying with you and Dani into the late night! I was delighted to see that energy and fun replicated on Friday evening! It was a pleasure to meet your lovely daughters at the weekend (great cakes by the way!) and a relief to have been spared seeing your super brother get naked by having to do another Spin class at the time.

We’ve spoken of both our destinies changing that fateful June weekend. I got engaged (and along the way was accosted by an eager gentleman in a public toilet) whilst you had the horrendous accident. Seeing how you guys are dealing with the challenging times have filled me with pride to know you and have only strengthened my desire to marry Chrysso even more!

I look forward to helping Back On Track thrive in the future.

With the utmost respect,

Voj x

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