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I’m certain that if you’d been told to be careful that it would have made no difference whatsoever–shit just happens–if you’d spent your life being very careful all the time I imagine that your life would have been less full of all the experiences you have had– I know so many people who don’t exercise because it’s raining–are feeling a little bit under the weather so give it a miss or shit themselves about doing a half marathon–to be honest I find them all a bit weak and dull–you’ve got to live and as you did and still do–trip to USA–go for it!!Can you imagine what most people’s reaction would be to being told they have TO GO TO THE STATES for 5 months by themselves in a wheelchair to try and make their lives better and HOPEFULLY–then get chosen for the implant–9,999/10,000 would just back down—it’s in your blood Russ!

You seem in a better place now Russ and I’ve started doing weights again after seeing your ARMS—more like legs–are they calf muscles you’ve had stitched on–if my boys ever meet you they will be hugely impressed!

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