A Close Shave!

Mummy Dawkins:

Russ is looking pretty good , so much better than he looked last Saturday. His appetite has improved and he is making a huge effort to eat more than he was. This morning he went down to the Thames in a wheelchair accompanied by a couple of his visitors . Sitting  up is very painful for him but in true Russ style, he is going for it in spite of a huge degree of personal discomfort . 

Russ is enjoying the World Athletics Championships on the TV at the moment. As an endurance athlete, Russ loves to watch every kind of sport. Bob and I decided to stay away today so that he would have more time to watch the athletics. He also needs time to sleep during the day, to eat because he eats very slowly and to do the exercises that his physiotherapists have decided that he should do in order to regain his strength . When his Dad and I visited him tonight he was watching the athletics and was in good spirits. We shaved him ( doing our best Dani - no nicks honestly ) although I prefer a little designer stubble it's not appropriate in ICU where cleanliness is essential.

We did not stay for very long, we left him enjoying the athletics , clean shaven and feeling comfortable. We feel that he has progressed over the last two days which is wonderful. Well done Russ, you are a real star.

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