A broad.

I go to Portugal today.
Flying is bloody daunting, I have to say.
Have to totally rely on other people to do their jobs and so often they don’t…

Anyway Gina is coming to look after me, and so is Cherie.
I can’t quite see em fighting over me, but hey.

Last night Nat and I saw The PillowMan. Billed as a black comedy.. but there’s only so humorous killing children can be. Good but not exactly a comedy.

We saw Christine and the Queens last week. One for the LGBGTQGYTO lot.
The GYTO is Get Your Tits Out… because she did the whole gig topless.
Now that’s a first.
Lots of men taking videos, whilst being elbowed by their wives/ girlfriends.

Blooody hot isn’t it. Too hot.
Once I’d have escaped in my kayak.
Now just a an upsetting memory, that one.

Anyway, had a wheelchair adaption which means that AT LAST I can actually go onto the beach again. Christ it’ll be really strange, not seeing the sea from some pavement or other these last 8 years.

Bloody hope the mechanics don’t fail me and it all goes tits up.
Fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “A broad.

  1. Hi Russ, can I ask what adaptations you have had done to your wheelchair to allow you to get into a beach again. After nearly 13 years of not being able I am desperate to get on a beach again. X

    1. Hi Kathleen.
      Well I had a Triride madmax anyway, and have for 3 years, but now Triride do the rear wheels with a separate set of batteries.
      Together you end up with All Wheel Drive ( front one and back two )
      With nobbly tyres on all wheels you get amazing grip and grass etc is no challenge.
      Here in Portugal the sand is soft and really fine and the beaches are sloped.
      Tbh it’s far from ideal and I’ve had a careful beach experience.
      Somewhere flat or with hard sand/ pebbles/ shale would be much better. It struggles here for sure.
      Weston Super Mare beach would be perfect.

      It’s amazing kit but obviously it’s not cheap and your chair with the rear wheel set is quite different when you aren’t connected to the batteries. Pushing the chair around the apartment is ok. Outside would be too much.

      Russ x

      By all means ask more questions x

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