I sense that people don’t really get my sometimes less than enthusiastic outlook on life, and my slightly pessimistic view of ‘holidays ‘.

Take the trip to Vegas.

‘Of course you’ll have a good time!’ I hear constantly.

So, let’s say YOU are going to Vegas next week.
Tonight you fall down the stairs. At the bottom, you realise you’ve broken both hips, and both legs too.

Your suitcase is already packed, and is there at the bottom of the stairs, next to where you’ve landed.

What’s the first thing that you’re likely to think then?

Sure, Vegas will still be awesome! I won’t be able to go in the pool, walk anywhere, have a bath, get on the toilet without people helping me on, I’ll have to be carried onto the plane, if it crashes I’ll definitely die, the helicopter excursion is definitely out, the nightclubs won’t be the same, but look at the upside, I’ll be able to sit by the side of the pool and wear my sunglasses…

Pretty accurate I’m guessing, that that is how you’d think?

Yeah right? The first thing you’d think is Christ, thank God I’m insured, and I can rebook it for when I’m back on my feet.

That’s why I’m here, on this program, so that I can reclaim my life.

Thank you so much to Lori and Ally, here at this hotel, for looking out for me, these last few days, in fact to all the staff here, for their kindness, knowing that I’d had a tough time of late.
And special thanks to Ally, again for her help in getting me to the airport tomorrow.

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