Seen the shrink and had a 30 minute chat.

As expected I’m not clinically depressed, nor ( in general) a danger to myself.

The ‘key’ to getting on with life after severing your spinal cord, is ‘acceptance’, that yes, it’s crap, but there is life after, whilst paralysed.

I get that, but I wouldnt be in bloody Kentucky, 4000 miles from all my friends and family, if I’d accepted it, would I !

I’m here because I haven’t accepted that this, is it.
I want an epidural implant, and I want to recover as much as I can. Ok, so topping myself wouldn’t get me too far down that road, but it does suggest that I’m NOT satisfied with how it is now, and desperately want more, and if chosen, bloody hell I’m going to work harder than anyone to make the thing work on me.

And thinking this through, makes me feel more positive…

Also, I’ve watched 3 Quentin Tarantino movies in 4 days.
And that guy is definitely more crazy than I am!

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