So! Today at my new hospital the hard work starts! Firstly my beautiful wife and girls will arrive mid morning from their holiday. I can’t relay how relieved I am that they’re finally back, it’s seemed like an eternity. After hugging and kissing my girls for a few hours I get my first physio assessment at 12. They’ll establish just how much strength, balance, mobility and mindset I’ve got, I guess. Then there’s a meeting at 3, with ‘the team’ to set objectives for my stay here based on what’s realistic and what I want to prioritise I think. I’ve always been very ‘ own body aware ‘ and have realised that the reason I struggle with sitting is that my spine vertebrae are almost completely immobile (3 months lying down/ lots of titanium inserted, no surprise then ), so getting some movement back is key to progress Ive lain in bed repeatedly trying to arch my back for the last 2 days, with definite improvement , and also prompting all kinds of twitching in my left leg in particular, and my pelvis area. Whether this is a reason for optimism is unknown to me, but shit it makes ME feel like its positive. All leg movement is good! My new room has a view of a brick wall. Not quite the Shard or the Thames as now used to, but I shouldn’t moan. So I won’t. Actually I can see 2 brick walls, so twice as interesting as I’d thought. The lovely Pia and Kim helped me move by bringing all my accumulated stuff ( Amazon and the confectionary industry have done well out of my well wishers), unpacking it all this end in a logical way, so I can SEE from my bed the things I need most. If I can’t see it, I sort of forget I’ve got it… I’ve got a fridge full of chocolate, so please no more for now!! On that note, it’s breakfast time, and I’ve gotta eat, as instructed, til I’m bursting. Laters, Russ 🙂 PS massive gratitude to Monique, who flew in from bloody Canada just to see me for 3 hours. She immediately assumes first place in distance travelled to see the patient ( mind you, my parents did the same 3 months ago, so joint first..) Anyway, fantastic to see her. I only know her cos the poor girl had the misfortune to sit next to me on a plane! ( I made her drink wine from London to Vancouver, I think an education for her, and certainly an insight into Welshness) She runs ultra marathons for fun, the weirdo.

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  1. Takes a weirdo to know one! Lesson: do not speak to strangers on air planes….. They just may become friends:). Full speed ahead Russ! With family and friends like you’ve got- a fellow can’t lose.

  2. Your blog the other evening was heart-wrenching to read so its fantastic to see your positive thoughts are back!!
    Del and I are hoping to come see you on Saturday with Stu and Mandy… will ring you to confirm in the week.
    Take care, Jo xxx

  3. Thanks for the update Russ, was wondering how your move went, I am sure that it will be just great to see the family this morning after their holiday,keep up the back arching, that strength will return fast for you..

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