First I’d like to say a BIG happy birthday to my great mate, Larry today,; I’m missing out on his big night out!

Second just as big a HAPPY BDAY to Stu, my bother, for tomorrow.  
I fully expect a picture of Stu in his bday gift to appear on this blog tomorrow…. Stu don’t let the readers down!
On a positive note I’ve cheered up no end, thanks to so many messages and visitors reassuring me that I will , to them, never be a burden of any kind. 
Forgive me for my blip there, I’m generally upbeat (considering). 
I asked Dani the other day to bring on this old dumbbell we have at home. It weighs 12kg, a weight I could literally throw around before. She said she was sure I’d struggle with that, and I assured her that I wouldn’t, feeling a little put out!
Today, I went to the lower gym here in the hospital.  He handed me, to my horror, a 2kg dumbbell and asked me lift it, with a straight arm, in front of me. 
As I soon learnt that, with my right arm, I was unable to do this more than once, I realised that the 12kg target is a fair way off……
I did later take stock and recalled that 5 weeks ago I couldn’t hold my phone in my right hand, so really I’ve come a long way since then. 
As a ‘recoverer’ who’d rather look forward than back, I easily forget how bad I was after waking from the coma, unable to pick up a cup of tea or use a spoon. 
My right shoulder continues to hinder me and my ribs are temperamental but all told progress is solid. 
I can transfer from a solid surface to a wheelchair now using arms and weight shift, which is quite a big step from TOTALLY failing at it a month ago. 
I’m pleased to say that my physios continue to be young and cute and at any one time I’m encouraged to either rest the back of my head in a cleavage or throw myself headlong towards one. 
It makes the sessions a lot less painful for me….tho I keep smirking during the exercises..

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