A day full of brilliant visitors. 

Dani, Caroline, Bev, Pia in a rush of chatty beautiful women… Oh and Chris was there too, as male support. 
Then this eve, when we’d planned to go to the blimmin pub (!) Quentin, Rick, Tim and Bret came and stood around the bed for 2 hours entertaining me.. With secretly smuggled in vodka and even a dash of tonic. 
My body is tired of the inactivity and aches a lot, but I think my Bum is healing at least. 
I’ve spoken to my girls on the phone. 
It’s getting harder, being without them. 
It seems now that each phone call has a spell where tears run down my face, as they are now. 
They are, thankfully, so much stronger than me. 
Can’t wait for the day I go home for good. 

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