I’ve been to a play called The Sex Party… in South London. Sadly no audience participation called for ( and probably a great relief to my ( non date ) date, lovely Yasmine – )
Very good! You know the usual…. Middle class couple host sex party ( well we’ve all been to one or 2…. – if you have please tell me ) and it’s all a bit dysfunctional, and then introduce the ( single ) Trans person… chick still with dick in this case.
THAT put the pussy amongst the pigeons ( or it didn’t..)
Go and see it – really good.

Thanks to Deaf Mike for our night watching Wales get trounced by England… 🤷… no great surprises then in that particular World Cup game.

Thanks to Chris Cats for watching another game with me, and to Birthday Girl Nicola for our lunch ( non date date ) date the other day, to Helen for our afternoon out in town, and to the AMAZING Rob n Bell’ender for their trek to Brentford to see me.

Needed the love tbh. Lots happening in the background that’s not so good at all. Anyway I persevere!

Tonight I got tickets for me n Omer, my refugee buddy, to see Christmas at Kew Gardens. Never managed to get tickets before.
We went there the other day to not see the lights. On leaving I saw a kid’s shoe on the ground. Asked O to hand it to me and then chased a random and distant lady pushing a pram to see if by chance that’s where it belonged.
Blow me , it did.

Sixth sense to make up for all the senses I’ve lost / never had in the first place.

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