People sometimes say that my diary probably doesn’t tell the full story and that there must be something more. Er, is that then that I haven’t interviewed the bus driver to ask him why he didn’t let me on ( for example ).
No, that’s correct. It tells it from MY perspective.
Isn’t that the same for everyone?

I mean, when on say Instagram, is there a picture posted by a 45 year old woman in an expensive dress and expensive shoes, with expensive hair, looking fine.., but underneath with a disclaimer written by the long suffering husband saying ‘ this is NOT what she looks like in the morning, and naked she has a fat ass and saggy breasts.
And her breath stinks sometimes’.

So no, it can’t capture another version other than my own. But shit, I do tell it like it is for me, with all the harassment and discrimination that goes on. I used to test one lady s eyes that was in a chair. She had MS. I thought she was a really unpleasant woman. Perhaps she wasn’t. Perhaps I saw her on bad days? Perhaps she had a fear of opticians? Perhaps she just didn’t like ME? Who knows the full story?

And when you find fault with someone, guess what? Well invariably their reaction is to find fault with you, straight back.
That’s life.

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