I was coming back in the dark last week with Marky P as my cyclist outrider when I saw a cyclist ahead of me with a flashing triangle on the back of his helmet.

I’ve not been too good at wearing a helmet for a while, mostly as I just didn’t give a flying F about crashing and dying, but oddly I’ve always insisted on lights so I can be seen. I don’t want to cause an accident for someone else, do I ?

Suddenly here I had lights though which were ever so visible, and to boot on a helmet ⛑. Kaboom- sold.

The Lumos helmet has loads of flashing LED’s back and front, and even has indicators that you work by pressing a Bluetooth switch on the handlebars. All of a sudden I’m a lot safer…

AND I got some ‘ spy’ glasses – they have mirrors in the lens periphery that enable you to see behind you. £9.99 on Amazon…and yes, it does work!

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