Today I took delivery of  a little Chinese wheelchair attachment that makes getting round indoors far easier. It’s like a little kid’s scooter attached to the front of Me.

Id asked the person who sold it to me what the steering was like.

The answer was ‘ FAR better than my Trike, which when it’s short of power, is all over the road like a drunken bitch!’

A bit, well surprised, I asked ‘ are you a bit chauvinist perhaps ?’

Answer ‘ no, im from the west of Scotland, laddie’

Realising i was actually talking to Joanna…. from Scotland… i started to laugh.

Good to see there’s no sign of political correctness diction applied to either sex, up there then…

As for the new device I’ve got, it’s as smooth as a freshly oiled hooker’s bum cheek ( as they say in  Kilmarnock )


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