My ability to make light of my situation has reached breaking point. The woman that they gave me has Hashimoto’s syndrome.

The symptoms include extreme sluggishness, tiredness for no reason, and memory lapses.

Can you imagine a less suitable person to be with me as my Carer? Those 3 and poor English?!

How can PROMEDICA24 let her get through their filter? That’s easy – they don’t have any filters.  They obviously take on anyone at all. All those Polish people we all see being capable, the cleaners, the builders, the drivers, the unemployed doctors that work as labourers,  and I get someone with a thyroid condition that renders her useless, and then forgetting that she was useless several minutes later…..

My mental health ( my ability to not have Dark – suicidal- thoughts ) has reached breaking point. Today I’m in that zone. It’s taken her 3 hours to get me out of bed ( her lack of speed, and definitely not mine )  Yesterday my girlfriend did what I need doing in half an hour – and she isn’t a Carer.

I have called PROMEDICA24 repeatedly and emailed them many times. It’s only 5 days since she started, and I must have sent a dozen emails of complaint. It seems that often the people in charge have low IQ, so just can’t see it in their staff.

This woman HAS to get out of here, and fast. I can see myself killed her at this rate, Hashimoto’s or not.

Christ, she’s just asked me ( again ) if my legs are cold? Spot thé stupid and incredibly insensitive question?

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  1. Hi Russ

    There is an agency called Origin
    Who only do spinal injury clients
    Just thought I’d mention it

    Sorry to read about your problems with carers currently

    All the best


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