I seem to have injured my right arm in the gym, doing too much. This is something I’ve been really careful about avoiding, as once your arms are buggered, you are left with little. I’m sure it’s not that bad, however, although painful at the moment.

Also i managed to yank the catheter that goes into my abdomen( bladder ) and injure that area too. Now THAT makes my spasms awful – which they have been for 2 days. I had to take a sleeping tablet last night just to knock me out enough to be able to sleep through kicking and jerking legs, which did work.

Reef in Hammersmith were so good ! I was very tired by the time I got there, and thought a bit about not going, but the survivor in me makes me go, and then, thankfully, it’s ALWAYS worth it. Not drinking lager/ wine, but instead lots of soda water and lime, is actually much better for waking you up, I’d say – that’s my tip for today…

Reef 8.5/10  in the Russ Gig rating

Gomez – incredible – 10/10

Plan B – 9/10


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