I actually quite like going to the dentist. I didn’t like it as a kid, but now I don’t mind at all.

Today I had to go to Ealing dental hospital to have a tooth pulled out. I had to go there because my regular dentist said it was too tricky for him, as the tooth was too broken. It had been filled lots of times and was too buggered to fill any more. Also he said that as I can’t get into his dental chair he might hurt his back bending over me in my wheelchair. There’s a certain irony there..,,

Anyway, the little female dentist at the hospital got the thing out, and I doubt she was that strong. She actually had me in a headlock while she pulled and twisted away with the pliers. She gave me 3 very big injections but it did still hurt to be honest. Pain is actually controllable I discovered long ago though. It is of course all in the mind. If you just change your attitude and reaction to it, you can alter it. When I could run, if I started to suffer then I would make myself smile as I ran. Just the act of smiling takes the discomfort away. Try it, it works. Of course you do look demented, running along grinning, but that’s ok.

There’s lots of blood in my mouth and I have to eat painkillers apparently. Maybe I will, we’ll see. It’ll bleed for a week and I am clamped to a cotton pad by clenching my teeth together.

She said my bone was very strong, which was a positive, and that I’d been a very good patient! Well no, I didn’t cry, or want to bother with the rinsey cup thing. That just makes you get dribble all over your chops, I find.

No alcohol for 48 hours, and avoid crisps for 10 days. Makes sense.

Here’s the mofo.

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