Yesterday, as I said, I went to Oxford, by train, to meet Lily, my daughter.
We do chat about pretty much everything, without embarrassment, and she told me that her boyfriend ( Ioan – medical student 3rd year ) had the day before, had a practical.
Medical students use dead bodies ( cadavers ) to practice on, and she laughingly told me that a day earlier Ioan had been doing ‘ vaginas and anuses ‘
Then she said that the cadavers they use can be ones that they’ve had pickled for a long time, and are usually old people when they die, so that Ioan might have had his finger up a very old anus.

Anyway, this morning I told Gina about this, and she said that her husband, John’s, aunt and uncle had donated their bodies to medical science.

(Obviously) 🤦‍♂️ I then heard myself saying ‘ well wouldn’t that be funny if my daughter’s boyfriend had his finger up John’s auntie’s bum last week. What are the chances of THAT happening?!

Frontal lobe injury disinhibition – see, it’s a laugh a minute. 😂

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