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So a day later and my left index finger still doesn’t hurt, and the glue is holding everything in place. Can’t really see a downside so far to using glue. Certainly better than any other alternatives I had at the time!

Turns out that it’s not exactly a new concept . Whilst superglue was being approved for medical use in the States, they used it in spray cans in the Vietnam War, to spray onto wounds sustained by the troops. It saved lots of lives, by stemming/ limiting/ reducing blood flow from the open wounds. Yes, for sure it’s a chemical and a bit poisonous if ingested, but you’re not really going to worry about that when the alternative is just bleeding to death, soon.
Thanks to Rob S for that little gem of info.

Also as of today I’ve turned vegan… or at least in most ways. My man T suggested I watch a programme on Netflix called The Game Changers. To be honest, it’s hard after watching it to be anything other than a plant eater. Don’t take my word for it, watch the film. It’s hard to argue against anything in it. Yes, for sure meat tastes good, and it’s hard to persuade someone to stop eating it that exists almost solely for the taste of genuine meat, but the PROOF exists that you, and the planet Earth is far better off if man goes meat free.

As my body is very compromised already by my injury, I’d be a bit daft if I kept feeding it with stuff that makes it work far less well than it’s evolved to function on.

As I couldn’t give a shite about eating meat and fish for the taste, it’s easy for me to just stop, immediately.
So I have.

I’d encourage you to do the same. But do watch the film.

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  1. Umm. I remember getting the (not so proverbial) piss taken out of me for my diet at one time in your association young man!

    One day you will, indeed, finally become a refined human being…:)

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