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  1. A late Merry Christmas to you and your bird Russ. Just been catching up on your news, it’s been a while. Reading of all the punctures I can’t help but chip in some advice. I’m pretty sure you know all of this, but as you wrote that you are having memory issues, here you go.

    Recuring punctures (assuming you have inner tubes) are usually caused by the same sharp object that is stuck in the tyre. Always check you have found and removed the piece of metal/glass or thorn before fitting a new or repaired tube. If your wheels are tubeless recurrent punctures probably mean it’s time for new tyres. Over time small pieces of debris will become embedded in your tyres and as they wear thin the road pushes them in deeper until they cause a puncture. This happens with or without inner tubes.

    The solution? Tyre sealant Calle slime.

    I know it’s not easy for you get this kind of stuff done, but advice is all I can offer from a distance.


  2. Russ, fancy calling a bird Fanny. Couldn’t you have thought of a nicer name. What happens if she ever gets lost and Wendy is out the front calling “I’ve lost my Fanny”. Love to you as always Margaret x x

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