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Ever tried getting the back off a watch to try and change the battery? Yes, me too. I’d always thought you had to lever them off. I’ve tried before and failed, then had to take it to a jeweller to do, imagining they had super special tools to do it. But actually no, they don’t. I googled it and had an Amazon search for ‘ tool to get the back off a watch ‘.
£4.50 later and the tool is on its way. There’s a clamp bit and a tool bit. 2 minutes later and the back is off ( and they UNSCREW actually ) battery type identified, new one ordered for £1.50 on Amazon ( and you can buy 10 batteries for £11 ) The tool is for pretty much any watch, and I have quite a few….

That feel good feeling of not spending £25 at a jewellers on a battery for this particular watch that probably isn’t worth more than £50 now, is actually the best bit, better than the watch actually ticking again…

Im available for amateur watch battery replacements then… obviously if I F your watch up, then I’m not accepting any liability…

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