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Saturday night I went to Swansea to see a band.

2 hours sleep,each night  for the 4 nights before ( i just couldn’t sleep ) meant I was just tired, but I always think that I shouldn’t just give up and not go, as that would be all too easy.

Thr Killers were 9/10 – fair play to them. Real crowd pleasing band. Nobody in Swansea seemed sober, which is how the Welsh are in Stadiums !

My new Carer is definitely really’ unusual ‘. He is Hungarian, and there’s something of the Vampire about him.  You can definitely imagine him sleeping in a coffin at night. Occasionally he says something ‘ oblique’ Before going to Swansea he da ‘ Do you think we’ll see Wales in Wales?’

I said that my date and I didn’t really have time to look around, but that he’d have a few hours  to look around, yes.

Without changing expressions, he said (and read this in a foreign, stilted voice ) ‘ I was making a joke ‘ .

I said ‘ oh as in the creatures that live in the sea, the mammals called whales…?’

He said in a foreign and solemn accent, and not smiling at all  ‘ Yes’.

I said ‘ right, got you…’

Still no smile though.

Tbh, it’s not really working out this time that a man is preferable to a woman  He’s like Igor, Frankenstein’s helper, only more solemn . Like one of those kids at school who was so serious that you just assumed that they must be ever so clever, but actually they weren’t at all!

Hi to Claire x




2 thoughts on “Usual stuff

  1. You really do make me laugh. Down at the Church in Ashford it says “Confessions by Appointment only”. and when the Vicar came round to see us about my Husband’s funeral I put my Mrs Browns Boys Calendar away because it said “God must love Fecking Idiots because hes made enough of them. I am feeling a bit down lately and you always cheer me up. Love to you as always Margaret x x

  2. ask for a cezch carer next time, you might luck out and get one of the girls from prague, failing that at male czech carer should have some good contacts in prague, either ways a wiinner

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