My own experience is typical, it seems.


why are so many caregiver persons unreliable?

Asked by NewportOC

We have gone through almost a dozen caregivers in the past two years. We have interviewed probably 100 in total, and each one of the person’s we have chosen has interviewed well, with all background checks, etc, coming back with flying colors. They tell the story of commitment and long term desires to help. Yet, with each and every one, within a couple of weeks (and in two cases a single day!), they jump ship. I just don’t understand the logic of accepting the assignment, after a complete understanding of what the daily routines, hours, etc, would be, and then telling us that it just isn’t what they thought it would be. Or, they don’t do light housework (even though discussed in the interviews). Or, they become a ‘no show’, and we are left empty handed. Just today, we are experiencing the ultimate (in my mind anyway), as this person actually moved in to mom’s house, as she commited to the “live-in” assignment. After just one week, she sent a text message late in the evening stating that she cannot deal with her own emotional issues . . . and she has not been seen or heard from since. Mom is at our house, and the caregiver left all of her personal belongings that she had brought to mom’s house. Are there really that many unreliable caregivers out there? Our interview process is pretty extensive and detailed so there really cannot be a reason for anyone to say that they just didn’t understand the job requirements. Not that mom is even all that ‘difficult’. She isn’t debilitated in any way. She had dementia and needs someone to watch out for her, and take her places since she cannot drive.



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