Me, on tour.

I don’t know but it’s seemed like an eternity since I’ve ‘ done’ anything…

So yesterday was amazing! I caught a tube to Westminster, then another to Canada Water, and then wheelchair ‘d to Greenwich Park. I’d only been there twice before, both times to the start line for the London Marathon – obviously pre injury. You don’t exactly feel the need to look around at the views, such is your nervousness at the time.

Anyway, the park isn’t flat – it rises by hundreds of feet, and then you get AMAZING views of the city, and the river Thames, heading from Westminster and to the O2 Dome.
I had a coffee or 3 and then thought I’d try to find the Thames Barrier – that thing which keeps all of us in London from regularly being underwater – and I do mean regularly- despite it never being envisaged when it was built. It was a Doomsday Scenario that it would actually be used , but 25 years on and it’s been used dozens of times.

Then I spoke to my folks via FaceTime, and my Dad ( a font of all knowledge ) suggested I go see the Cutty Sark…. which I did…. and then went into a foot tunnel under the Thames, built in 1902 ( obvs there was a lift for me to descend ) and then I wheelchair’d along the river path ( they are trying to open a path in as many places along the bank as possible) all the way to the Dome… whereupon I got a Tube back. As all those stations on the Jubilee line are accessible, that makes life easier for the likes of me… rather than searching for the oddd accessible station amongst the tens that aren’t!

From Greenwich Park
Not much of the original left, since it caught fire!

The Observatory
From Greenwich Park
The entrance to the south side of the Dartford tunnel under the Thames

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