Blimey, it was like an episode off DIY SOS here today ?! All these lovely mates and the odd professional turning up at more or less the same time to help me out.

Today I have, in no particular order, got

TV’s on walls 2

Garden outside tap and hose connected

Ceiling hook and TRX attachéd to enable me to transfer from wheelchair to wheelchair



Phone line

Lights on ceilings

Arranged a hot date for Wednesday s gig  – thats now today !

Fireplace installation

Outside decorative lights

Outside already installed lights

Wine drinking

My prescription medications

Coffee in Chiswick

Financial advice

New carer ( having sacked Boris for complete and final incompetence )   Today he refused point blank to tell me what he’d done for the previous 2  hours that I’d obviously paid him for, instead just choosing to smile at me in a creepy way whilst yawning – seriously odd behaviour?



Obviously I reported all to CERA, thé hopeless care  agency that provided him, though they seem only to give pathetic excuses for his behaviour    They forget that I have actually employed hundreds of people in my former life, so absolutely can tell the good from the bad, pretty quickly. I really would NOT recommend their services

Massive thanks to Marby, Ben the plumber and Lal thé Buider

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