We had a flood today at my workplace.

The mains pipe that feeds one of the glazing machines disconnected itself and poured directly onto the lab floor.
My technician burst into my consulting room, downstairs, soaked, asking where the stopcock was for the building.
Delving deep into my memory banks, as water came through the ceiling, onto the shop floor, I recalled that it was in a tiny cupboard in the downstairs loo.
I told Nev, and followed behind him.
He yanked away the cupboard door, pulling out all sorts of crap, found the tap, tried with all his might and declared, to his obvious despair, that it was rusted stuck.
I told him to run upstairs and get a hammer.
He did, came down again, hit the right part of the tap really hard and it released, allowing him to turn the water off.

Then I turned off all the downstairs lights, got staff running in different directions to get buckets and towels etc, called my plumber/ electrician, arranged for him to get in later that day to check everything was safe and working properly.

The hard part was not being able to physically DO anything myself, but the good part was the (sort of) satisfaction that had I not been there, the damage to property and stock and the ability to simply stay open and trade would have been significant.

It also occurred to me that ( with a few exceptions ) if a boatload of my staff were marooned on a desert island to fend for themselves, they’d be dead after a couple of days.

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