Dotting the is and Crossing the ts

Still looking good for repatriation on Thursday. Lots of boxes to tick for everything to completely fall into place; hospital in Toulon have to be happy Russ is safe to fly, insurers have to sort all the logistics including, most importantly, having a jet with the appropriate equipment and medical team and then London Bridge Hospital has to also be (independently) satisfied that Russ is safe to travel and that they have sufficient information properly to prepare for his arrival into ICU. There is no obvious “connect” between these various channels, only me: as such, there is an awful lot of admin stuff to be sorted. In fact, it makes the Legal profession’s “Work Acceptance” Money Laundering processes look like a walk in the park (all lawyer mates will sympathise….:-s).

So, what else is new today? Various medical staff in Intensive Care are about to start their summer holidays. So, a few goodbyes to some really amazing people. They’ve all been invited to stay with us whenever they come to England and all seem very keen to accept our invitation – so look out for lots of lovely French people in London W4!

Tele and Nicola arrived today and, like most people who have seen Russ in the last week or so, have found it a very uplifting and positive experience. Russ loves seeing everyone and always puts in a maximum effort; although tiring, I think the stimulus of seeing different people each day is particularly important given that his days are otherwise governed by unwavering monotonous routine (same walls, same treatment, same interrupted sleep etc). He’s heard all about the blog and is dying to see it but no WiFi in the hospital in Toulon so he’ll have to wait till he gets to the 5 star accommodation at London Bridge Hospital for access to the blog. Mind you, he was amazed when I told him that Melissa says there have been 30,000 hits so far… At that rate, we should think about doing some advertising on the blog! :-s

So, fingers’ crossed for all to go according to plan for Thursday. I know everything is very scary for Russ at the moment but repatriation to London will be quite a significant step in a positive direction.

Nigh night, all xxxx

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