Another life used up?

Half an hour ago, whilst on the M25, in the middle lane, in Rush Hour, my car suddenly screeches to a virtual halt. My right leg  has spasmed hard and hit the brake pedal.

I have no sensation or control of what my legs are doing, but have to reach down and pull my stiff leg with my right arm, to get it off the brake, before chaos ensues.

Now that I’m home the spasming continues unabated. Last night at 4.30 am I gave up and took a sleeping pill, allowing me 3 hours slumber.  I don’t feel particularly tired today but spasming and lack of sleep are probably entwined in a vicious never ending circle.

2 thoughts on “Another life used up?

    1. I do have hand controls, it wouldn’t be at all possible to drive otherwise.
      When they fit hand controls they don’t disable the use of the pedals, so that spouse/ partner/ friend / kids can drive the car too….

      My legs spasmed and I can’t tell what they’re doing until the car suddenly brakes!

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