In no particular order then, since I last posted anything.. I have been to the theatre to see Blithe Spirit ( with Jennifer Saunders in it ) – really, really funny.
I’ve seen a play called The Beauty Queen of Lenane – and that was way up on my list of Best Theatre Nights, I’ve seen James Bond ( well who hasn’t?! ), I’ve seen my parents and quite a few friends. I’ve been caught in the rain whilst out with my Triride, and had to wheel through ( almost ) ponds on the roads – not safe… I’ve almost been crashed into again by an old lady (that almost certainly should’ve been wearing driving glasses but wasn’t), I’ve been stranded on the wrong side of the river after a motorcycle ploughed through 3 pedestrians just before I got to that part of the bridge, I’ve had a few big nights out, I’ve had dinner cooked by Chris Cats, I’ve given up trying to cook ( because I can’t twist my torso and tbh it’s quite risky with only being therefore able to use one hand-and gone for plant based Mindful Chef deliveries, I’ve bought a Wii ( but hardly used it ), I’ve explored London more, I’ve actually watched my TV a fair bit, and started ( if not finished ) 3 books. And I’ve seen Brentford play against Chelsea and also Leicester ( and they should have won – but didn’t- both games )

I seem to have been busy then… which of course is key for me.

I also decided to do far less cranking and far more strength exercises… if you say want to look younger/ better then you can either work on losing excess, or turning it into muscle instead ( and I’ve switched to the latter .. which I also think is better for my headspace ). The danger is that you injure yourself and then lose arm(s) function… which when you only have your arms… is risky. So I’m very mindful!

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