Thé Carer i have at the moment is very kind hearted but doesn’t ever speak! 😂 So she’s not good company….
It’s like being by myself when she is with me, so it’s not what I want, at all.

Its the black South African thing, where there is this deference to white people. It’s definitely sad that it’s that way, isn’t it? It’s great that she actually works, and isn’t lazy, and doesn’t skive ( well not a tenth as much as the last 2 men ) but it’s not what I want, which is sometimes as simple s as a chat.

So now I’m watching TV – which shows how desperate I must be… never mind, I see my girlfriend tomorrow and we’ll have a great night in North London.

Bring that on!

2 thoughts on “Zipped…

  1. Like the song… say it best when you say nothing at all.
    A family members wedding song……….it didn’t end well ; )

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