Xmas bleatings

Just had a conversation with Roger the Greek ( lodger ).
I asked him if they celebrated Xmas in Greece Land.

I asked him if they decorated trees with stuff. Well his answer surprised me! He said ‘ not trees, but we decorate sheeps’.

Really?! I said – sheep?

Yes, he said.

There was a pause, with me looking surprised and laughing. Then I said ‘ so why sheep? In Wales we only have sex with them, and that’s all year round, not just at Christmas’.

He said ‘ it comes from the sailors. They decorate the sheeps’

After a bit it dawned on me what the F he was talking about.

Ha! That was funny!

3 thoughts on “Xmas bleatings

  1. When I worked as a nanny in HK, I recall having a conversation with the Filipino maid who was employed in the same house, she was talking about a ship, I thought she was talking about a sheep and we had completely crossed wires, we laughed until we had tears streaming down our face.

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