Whilst all sorts of people ‘ pretend ‘ to be disabled, this is happening.

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April 2 at 12:10pm
So it’s finally happened.
I got my letter through on Thursday that my Disability Living Allowance  is about to end and I have to apply for the new Personal Independence Payment ( PIP )
Now, I’m a T4 paraplegic of 16 years, below left knee amputee of 16 years, below right knee amputee of 1 year and insulin dependent Diabetic of 46 years (not as important I know). I’m forever on bed rest with sores and shearing to my buttocks and so although I know I have nothing to hide I am absolutely bricking it after reading all the horror stories.
What makes it worse is that my DLA finishes on the 19th of this month and my wife and I are finally getting a 2 week holiday starting on the 16th. We’re only going to Northern ireland but we’ve waited 2 years for this.
Anyone got any advice? I haven’t even made the phone call yet because of it being Easter weekend.

2 thoughts on “Whilst all sorts of people ‘ pretend ‘ to be disabled, this is happening.

  1. The question of disability is, in my opinion, a very individual one. As you know Russ im not doing marathons any more!! feck i cant even dress without help, i can just about wipe my own arse, am i disabled?? to me yes and im frustrated by things i cant do, however im still able to do a lot more than you are able to do. I remember when we met last summer you told me about someone who you had met, cant remember her name but she was involved with some sort of disability group, anyway from what i remember of you told me she had little movement below neck yet was one of the most illuminating people you had met. Point i’m trying to make is its all relative

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