Well people can’t be this nice if I’m a bad guy, right?

Hello Russ,
I’m sorry to learn what happened, i didn’t know.
What you are going through is extremely tough, i’m sorry.
I talked with Achille my son and he’s eager to help you. I haven’t booked anything in London because any precise project for him yet.
The only aim for him is to practice english so between taking lessons in an international shool or practising in helping sby, furthermore a friend like you, there s no time to hesitate.
What would be ok is to give him accomodation and for 2 weeks, he will help you in your different life.  He will be 18 the 12nd of august, he’s tall and friendly.   I’m sure you will have a great time.  Just don’t tell him all the things we lived in Pragelato, Valthorens and elsewhere…
I will send him by train but i certainly will come to catch him back 2 weeks later, so i will have the opportunity to see you.
For sure, if any inconvenience for you, what i surely would understand, we give up the idea.
Abrazo amigo
( Pierre is a Belgian that I met on a ski trip and we got on so well, we coordinated our next 2 trips to ski (and drink ) together
He is a successful guy who has a renewable energy company – wind farms mainly )
Well timed boost of humanity, Pierre.

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