Wednesday at 9am

As I wheel onto the tube train and head towards the designated wheelchair space on the carriage that Transport for London INSIST that I place myself in, 4 dressed to the nines nice middle class ladies with designer handbags and Cartier wristwatches that are sitting in the seats that flip down into the designated wheelchair area all smile at me in a ‘ awww bless him in his wheelchair ‘ kind of way, but DO NOT make any attempt to vacate their seats to let me wheel into the area., I have to point at the large blue and white sign that says they have to move ( out of the f’ing way ) for the disabled guy ( bless him for being out in the real world with the normal people ! )

Me pointing at the sign several times usually does eventually result in people moving, but not always, and sometimes there is tutting and visible irritation on their botoxed , unmoved ( in more ways than one ) faces….

Aahhhh West London society meets unaesthetic wheelchair man ( bless him for being out, but seriously, do I have to actually stand up just because HE is here?! )

And then I arrive at Court for more of the same…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday at 9am

  1. Being a lady as I am, would have said to hem “You have 5 seconds to get out of the way you Tart” and if they didn’t move I would have given them a shove. Luv Marge x x x

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