I bumped into a lovely lady yesterday that once taught one of my children. I met with her 2 years ago and she told me that she had cancer ( at 36 ) and that it was serious ( as in terminal ). She was however incredibly optimistic and hopeful that she’d get through it.

To even see her alive yesterday was a surprise, and looking so well even more so. She told me that some months ago she was given 2 weeks to live, and thought that was obviously that. But after radical treatment ( medicine I mean ) in Germany, that isn’t allowed in this country, she’s alive and definitely kicking.

There is so much spinal stuff that we paralysed would volunteer for, but it’s not ‘ approved’ so only rats get it.i couldn’t give a fuck about side effects – I’d just take a bit of recovery!

She asked after my kids. I explained that the one she taught isn’t in my life at all sadly, and the other is barely. Who’d have thought it? She knows what a doting dad I was, and still would be just given a chance.

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