Tuesday March 9th 2021

After my buddy, Roy the Boy, invited me to Kew Gardens, I joined up.

It’s £70 odd to join, but then you can go as often as you want… and take a friend. Given I live practically next to it, that’s a no brainer.
Unfortunately there’s a river to cross, so it’s about a mile and a half to actually get there, but I’ve been 4 times in 8 days and it’s beautiful in there. Obviously I’d been before, but not that often. Daft how you don’t visit stuff that’s on your doorstep.
Great to go there with Catherine, and another time with Leigh, with plenty more visits to go, I’m sure.

Cranking 2 hours a day, every day, hasn’t lost its appeal. When you look in the mirror and think ‘ blimey, I look different ( better ) ‘ then it’s a strong motivation to keep doing it. It’s not that I weigh significantly less ( 4/5 kilos ), it’s that my muscle vs fat distribution has altered a LOT.
I found the same crank machine on EBay and had it delivered to Sevenoaks, so I can still do it there. Then Lizzy adopted it as her exercise regime… with remarkable results. Because it’s quite an unpleasant exercise, most people don’t want to do it. Cycling or running are both more ‘normal/ palatable’ but because it engages far more of your body ( not in my case, because more than half of me just refuses to work at all ) than those two exercises, it has more effect. The rowing ergo is much the same. You don’t see a queue at the gym for the rowing machines, and you don’t see many ( any ) fat rowers. I wonder why that is …?!

After watching a program called What the Health on Netflix, both of us have become ‘ plant eaters ‘ . It’s quite compelling that humans are physiologically designed like plant eaters – same digestive system, and teeth. Also given they aren’t naturally agile enough to actually catch animals to eat them ( you ever tried catching a chicken or a deer ? ) I don’t see how they can have evolved as carnivores.. can you? Our systems respond far better to a plant based diet ( far less cancer/ high blood pressure and obesity etc ) not to mention that farmed meat and fish is rammed full of chemical contamination that also kills us slowly. Also the livestock and dairy industries have led to MASSIVE deforestation all over the globe, surely is enough to persuade humanity to do a logical about turn ..? Except it won’t, since there’s way too much money involved in food, and then medicines necessary to keep us alive, because that food poisons us … and money talks far more loudly than human health and planetary survival.
Yes, I’d go and live in the woods too… except they aren’t accessible…

I watched the Harry and Meghan interview yesterday. Their next door neighbour, Oprah, did it. Why can’t Oprah say her name? It’s Meg that rhymes with smeg, not Meg that sounds like May. I don’t think Oprah is that bright, so perfect to interview the very dim Harry, who seems to have been brainwashed by his wife into thinking that of course they can go and live in LA, and lead ‘ totally normal lives’ in their 14 million dollar house, living next door to Oprah Winfrey, and signing billion dollar deals with Netflix, yet still being outraged that the British taxpayer won’t pay for their million quid a year bodyguarding, and that their kids aren’t called Prince and Princess ( when that’s quite clearly just a rule of succession – they are about a hundred’th in line to the throne, so no, you aren’t princes and princesses ) and then… when she ( May-Gan ) can’t have it all, screams the ‘ it’s because I’m Black ‘ card … at every turn…. well to me, America and far away is the best place for them. Had Harry married a Sloan from Surrey, he’d DEFINITELY still be a normal royal, but he didn’t, he was seduced by the sultry May- Gan. Poor kid didn’t have a chance I’m sure. Apparently May-Gan didn’t know she had to be deferential to The Queen, yes even behind closed doors… thinking that she was just like any other grandma. Seriously? What the hell did those 2 talk about in the months before she was introduced to The Queen?
I fell asleep before the end of the program, so did it not class of anything of importance, but it was irritating. THEY are irritating, and irrelevant in every way.

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