So today.. First time at wheelchair basketball and badminton. 

Moderately successful at best, but again a good laugh. 
My big issue is that my right shoulder injury stops proper use of my right arm, particularly over head height eg throwing a basketball….. so hurling it even a few feet is a test. 
Some of the more experienced were pretty good,  I have to say, as were those who  actually don’t have a disability but play anyway. Amber, true to personality, couldn’t wait to get in a chair and whizz about. 
I think my girls had a real laugh, to their surprise, so are pretty keen to come again. And that, for me, is really good news. 
Lily went to the Jessie J gig last night and was stopped by the Chief Scout of probably the world’s biggest modelling agency. She took pictures and details etc, acknowledging that at 12 she is too young, but they’ll apparently keep an eye on her…. you can imagine she’s pretty chuffed about the approach ( in a lovely, modest way ).  I always knew,  that with my looks, she’d go far. 
Tomorrow I get to trial a better chair, ah the thrills of being a spinal patient.
 I’m hoping it’ll be better than the current one ie a bit faster and more manoeuvrable. I’ll keep it for a few days then try another one next week. 

At some point I’ll make a decision on the chair I want, and hand over some cash, but probably not for another 2 months. 

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