Things are looking up, I’d say.

After a pretty torrid nearly 5 year stretch, I’d say things are looking up, with a brighter future in sight.

Ive tried ever so hard these last 5 years to smile in spite of the demons at work inside my head, but it’s always been a struggle to see the positives shining that brightly, with so many negatives at play.

I went through my phone contact list the other morning and had a bit of a clear out – erasing a fair few therein, which had a surprisingly positive effect on me. No point expending time or phone memory space on ‘ ghosts’, right?

I see moving out of where I live as a massive positive too, whatever happens next, tbh.

Best of all though, I’ve met a really lovely lady. I shouldn’t really get too carried away, I know, but there really is something very special about her!

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