Thé people i encounter.

My career in optometry has given me a low tolerance to seeing people who need glasses to perform tasks choose not to wear them, instead saying ‘ I don’t actually need glasses – my eyes are fine ‘. Right, so in that case –

1. Why have you got glasses ?

2. Why did you deliberately presumably trick the optometrist into prescribing them ?

3. Knowing that you don’t need them, why did you buy them from the optometrist that you tricked into prescribing them?

4. Why are you able to obviously perform the visual task so much better when you wear them ?

Today I had a nurse come to take a fine calibre tube out of a blood vessel in my neck ( yes, my neck ). She said she had to take 2 stitches out of my neck first.

She poked around at my neck for a while, before saying ‘ the light isn’t very good in here, is it? ‘

Despite hér having told me not to move at all, I offered to reach for my phone and point the torch at my neck.

She said thank you.

More poking around…

’ Can you reach inside my pocket for my glasses ?’ she said..

So, just to recap then she’s taking 2 stitches and a 2 inch long plastic tube out of a vein in someone’s neck, in poor light, at 20cm from the wound site, and she doesn’t think to use the near vision use glasses that she presumably uses to read The Daily Mail…

Righto then.

That gives me such faith in her ability to perform her role.

One handedly i reach for her glasses, and being adept with spectacle handling,  get them on her nose, knowing that I have most to gain from her being able to see what she’s doing,

Seriously though ?

4 thoughts on “Thé people i encounter.

  1. Unbelievable Russ makes one wonder how she gets through her days!
    Does she not realise the importance of doing the job correctly with no stress for the patient!
    I’m lost for words really……
    Love you loads Aunty Wendy xxx

  2. Wow! Yes, one would think the nurse would put on her glasses first for such a delicate procedure! So sorry you had to experience this.

    Get well soon, Russ!

    Sky – granddaughter of a fine optometrist

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