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I had to file a complaint to the police last week

When I’m out attached to my Triride, I get a fair bit of ‘ attention’ from other road users. Until now, all positive or neutral… but last week – oh wow.
I was heading to Ealing Broadway station, for a look. It’s part of the Crossrail project, and as such has been massively upgraded, including having lifts to all platforms. It’s odd isn’t it, that ‘ main ‘ stations can NOT have lifts, in 2021, but lots actually don’t.
Now it HAS though, which means I can leave town by another route, far more easily.

Anyway, on the way there, I got properly harassed. It was a 20mph zone, and I was doing 20, keeping to the kerb as a cyclist would.
This Audi A3 3.5 turbo went past me at at least 50, with the horn pressed for a good 10 seconds. To be honest I thought it was probably a bloke just saying ‘ cool chair mate’ cos that’s what I always seem to get.
Of course in London you always catch up with cars at the inevitable next traffic lights.. so when I did, I passed just car and tooted my own horn as I went passed. Their window was open and what I got back was ‘ FUCK OFF, YOU C*** ‘.
Well that was a surprise tbh… and I then got the same flak when the car soon passed me again.
At the next lights I pulled alongside, and asked the ( young – 30?- ) slight female what her issue was. I said she was harassing me and I’d report her. She said ‘ too late, you C***, I’m already reporting you!’ I asked ‘for what exactly?’ She said ‘ for being on the road ‘.

Well that’s a first… evidently I’m supposed to just stay in and watch Countdown, until I die… and not venture out unless it’s on The Sunshine Bus.

When you fill in the online form for the police, almost the first question is ‘ Are you disabled?’ Disability hate crime is obviously being addressed then. ..

So I got a visit within a few days and well, they take it seriously, as they should. I can’t imagine for a minute that she’ll be prosecuted, because it’s my word against hers, and she’ll lie. But if she gets a talking to, and thinks twice next time then that’ll be a victory.
If you are on a bike tho and see an Audi, Reg no below..

do watch out.

She’s an angry one.


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