Thanks Vitaly.

My long term handy man came round yesterday. An old school Russian, who speaks no more English now than he did 25 years ago, what a versatile fella he is. His lovely wife comes to translate and also assist.

He did loads of stuff for me, as did she, and at the end, come payment time, they said ‘ because you’ve been such a loyal client and given us so much recommendation over the years, we wanted to do all this for free ‘.  Bless them, and thank you both.

So if anyone reading this needs a bloke that can mend virtually anything at all, please ask me for his contact details. Of course in Soviet Communist Russia, it was a case of ‘mend things or go without’ as it was impossible to replace stuff like all tradesmen do here – the Just Throw it Away and Get Another One culture..

So, I now have –

Another TV on the wall

An irrigation system for the garden

Secure fixings to lock bikes to outside

An outside double power point for charging loads of stuff that’s too big to keep inside

Speaker cables through the walls to the outside for outside speakers

Intelligent bulbs that work on Siri and Alexa, so I just ask thé lights to turn off – dead handy when you are Paralysed and can’t just get to the switches

An outside table and benches that are now safe to use, as they are  properly stuck together, unlike before when you were liable to end up on the floor if you sat on them. Obviously I don’t,  as i dont / cant sit on them!

We missed the gig on Thursday as yet another person drove into yet another bridge, so the trains weren’t working. Doh! Best laid plans etc etc. Made a judgment call to not cycle another 5 Miles with my girlfriend ( not used to London traffic yet ) so drank wine instead. Ahhh well, we had a lovely time anyway.

This weekend we go to a music festival – well providing i can get the blimmin car MOT’d by then.. OR we get trains to Amersham. Don’t know yet ! Life is an adventure, isn’t it?

The care agency and I have parted company. I wonder if the next one will be better. If you ever need a Carer, i dont recommend CERA . Today though I have Harriet, who is ever so good.

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