It’s been up and down a bit, post surgery. Spikes in temperature are normal apparently. In other words I get feverish periods, what seems like quite a lot.

I must have been in one last night as I watched Golf on telly. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, and don’t think I will again. There’s some sort of Cup on, and a fair bit of chest pumping. Can anyone get that revved up about golf? Obviously yes, they can. That’s a reflection on the sedentary, non dangerous world, too many people like in perhaps. Mind you, if you got hit by one of those lil white balls, it could kill you, so perhaps that should be factored in. I wonder if golfers should have been used in war time, like archers were? Far more of interest to boast about at the 19th – how many kills that day ….

Actually perhaps I am still a bit delerious?

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