Blimey – tonight we are going to a restaurant. It’s the second time in 18 months that I’ve done that, the last time being on NYE. Actually, that’s not strictly true, as I’ve had a few pizzas with Marky P in the last few months, and a pizza with Ashley a month ago, just the once. Oh, and I shared a pizza with Pia pre gig, twice  in Camden .

Its a chicken n chips place, and we’ll go there by bicycle, so not exactly flash, but the less you do stuff the most you appreciate it when you do, right? I might even have a glass of wine, but no certainty, having had maybe 2 pints of beer in a month, which is a good thing in times of potential emotional stress. Daft really that so many people do the opposite, and try to drink their way through stress, or think that drink is a solution – well it’s not, is it? The drugs don’t work, they just make it worse… as someone once sang.

Funny what people do to make themselves feel better, knowing that what they’re doing will only make it worse. Drinkers drink, over eaters eat more et etc. As I eat like a sparrow, thé latter cant possibly happen, and I’ve made a conscious decision to avoid the former, so that bit of my life I definitely have control over. Other bits, it would seem not ever for some, and not for the foreseeable, with others.

But i am lookin forward to the chicken. It is raining so we’ll get wet on the way. Never mind.

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