Stranger and strangerer.

Stranger and strangerer.

So we have tickets to see Jim Jeffries, the comedian, at the O2.
There’s always a bit bit of a process getting in here, but today was possibly the oddest yet.
Having got the O2 app AND the AXS ticket app and shown my every 60 seconds renewable anti fraud measure electronic ticket, AND gone through the metal detectors and the scanner, we got to the tunnel going into the wheelchair platform. The lady there didn’t want to see my ticket, she wanted to know my name. I said it’s Dawkins and we are ‘seats ‘ 6 and 7. I proffered her the ticket evidence. She said ‘ no , do you have ID ?’

I said ‘ yes, but why? I have the electronic anti fraud ticket here ‘.
She said yes, but there could be someone pretending to be you, or with the same name’

So obviously there might be someone pretending to be me, that actually has the SAME NAME AS ME, but isn’t me? You what?
AND they’d have to be in a wheelchair, either prétending to be disabled or actually being.

I wonder if everyone is subject to the same checks? Gawd, what if you bought the ticket as a male and then by the time of the event you’d trans’d into a chick? They d want medical records and everything…?

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