Just now I could hear someone trying to get my front door open. It went on for some time – the sound of a key in my lock and I could hear the door handle being tried.

I went to the door and quickly unlocked it and pulled the door open.

There was a young black guy with a big Afro on his knees with a key in his hand. I said ‘ who the F are you ?! ‘
He looked VERY shocked to see me… and said ‘ sorry, wrong door’.

A likely story I thought… until I saw a baby in a large buggy right behind him.

Now I don’t know… but it seems to be a bit too much of a cover prop to take a baby out house burgling..? It’s certainly a new one… I suppose he might have had this job cased for weeks and then his Missus said ‘ I’m going round my sister’s and you’ve got Junior until 7 ‘ I mean that’s possible, right?

But unlikely….

I don’t know who was most shocked looking, me or him? I see a black robber with a baby in a pram, and he sees a bloke in a wheelchair suddenly open the door from the inside!

You couldn’t make it up! 😅

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