I got back from listening to Billy Joel in Hyde Park. Me and about 10,000 other people without a ticket were just loitering outside the perimeter fence.
About £200 cheaper anyway.

After I got back I was in my living room and , because my sleep is so dire generally, I evidently fell asleep in my chair ( rarely happens because it’s so uncomfortable on my neck, must have pitched forward.. and woke up having smashed my forehead against the wooden floor.
I’m on my front with my legs twisted beneath me, I can feel the blood pouring out of my forehead, but I’m totally stuck.
The TV is on quite load and my phone is God knows where.
I’m shouting for help but no way anyone can hear me.
My help is asleep. It’s 1.30 am and I just don’t know what to do. I’m in such pain around my neck that I assume I’ve broken something, but I have to try to drag myself across the room to find my phone.
I cant drag myself unless I’ve got something solid to pull on. I use thé table legs and get myself my phone and call my help.
Jesus I’m in so much pain.
She drags me through 2 rooms to get me to the hoist in my bedroom, and then eventually into bed.
She wants to call an ambulance but at 2.30 am on a Saturday morning? Seriously? A and E would be a nightmare and I was in such pain.

Remarkably upon waking I’m more or less ok.
My bones clearly aren’t brittle enough to snap, hence my survival of a fall down a long escalator and now a head first Plummet into the ground.
Only exercise keeps your bones strong when you have my condition, so I do loads. Powerball, Powerspin devices and others too.
No weight to these things, just gyroscopes that trick your muscles and bones into thinking they’re heavy.

My face is a mass of blood and cuts today.

Another close shave then.

And I wasn’t even drunk.
Zero alcohol beer tends to be my Go To when I’m up against it. Alcohol is a depressant when there s so much to get you down ( as there is in my life ).

I met a lady the other night. Did I already say this? Her friend crashed his bicycle 18 months ago and he’s paralysed and in a very dark hole.
I talked to her for ages. He needs to talk to me.

Only the paralysed understand the paralysed.
No matter how much emotional intelligence or education you have, you just don’t get it unless you are one of us.

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