Oh, that day.

This Sunday will mark 7 years to the day that I got on my bicycle, on Fathers Day, for the last time. About 6 hours after getting on I was lying in a road with a broken back and spinal cord severed, a broken collar bone, and 13 ribs broken on my right side. I also smashed my cycle helmet to pieces, sustaining frontal lobe concussion.

Over the next few hours I was helicoptered to a French hospital, had had 2 heart attacks, major emergency surgery and and was put into a coma.
More was to come, as , in no particular order, organ failure followed, a tracheotomy inserted, pneumonia was contracted, and feeding through tubes became the only way to nourish my rapidly wasting body.

Welcome to paraplegia ! Not the most fun club…

It was months before they even lifted my battered onto its new legs .. the wheelchair… in which I will always remain.

Sounds grim doesn’t it? Amazingly though, I’m smiling genuine smiles again, and have consistently positive thoughts. It took a while, having had many other knockdowns after my physical injury… but hey I’m a Fighter, me.

As society around me finds out what it’s like to suddenly be deprived of normal stuff, I look on and think ‘ ahh if only you REALLY KNEW what properly going without the so called essentials is like – health, mobility and a body that can stand up and walk.

So smile peeps, because worse things can definitely happen to you!

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