New wheels..

And after 5 years and 4 months of having the same wheelchair, I have finally got a new one! Blimey, that old one saw a lot of punishment. Lots of crashes, about 15,000 miles of Triride’ing and general wheeling about, with untold numbers of potholes having been trashed through. The frame was bent and weakened, the wheels seem to have given up, bolts have fallen out and sheared through, the back rest and seat have been replaced numerous times etc etc.

I can’t say I’m happy to be in a wheelchair, but I’m happy that the wheelchair I’m in is a now a friction free, and rigid machine. It’s called a Protegeo and it’s Italian, like my Triride.

My little Bambino, I might call it. I’m glad it doesn’t know just how hard its life is going to be – it’d probably be outta here straight away!

5 thoughts on “New wheels..

  1. I was really impressed on the 117 Bus yesterday coming back to Ashford from Hounslow yesterday . A person in a wheelchair got on and where it tells you where you are a message came up which said pushchair make way foe wheelchair (or something like that). I was sitting next to the person with the wheelchair and I had to remind her that this space was for wheelchair users. The same thing happened last week on the 235 to Brentford. Love Marge x x

    1. Hey Margie!
      That’s positive to read. I do get mixed responses from buggy parents. Some are very obliging, and some just refuse to move. The trouble is that the drivers are completely unwilling to explain the law to the parent, and so just don’t fight my cause. It’s left to me to say something, and I’m on the pavement… it’s an ongoing problem for sure. In the good ole days there would have been a conductor ( called something like Marge actually! ) who would have hoofed the buggy off. I mean often the buggy doesn’t even have the kid in it! It’s just there in ( my ) space and the toddler is elsewhere…

      1. Hi Russy, it is a good job she did move as she was sitting next to me and I would have given her a shove if she didn’t move her pushchair. Love Margie x x

          1. I don’t think the two buggy users were that happy to move but they did . Love Marge…..

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