Life is a

Tonight I go with my buddy Kerry to see Cabaret…

Well they are the hottest tickets in town by a mile, so Go Us.
Thanks to Kerry for the ticket ( even though of course she goes free with me as a consequence .. and I think she’s probably ok with that. Doh, I’ve just realised that maybe she wanted to go all along, and this was the most cost effective way?! 🤦‍♂️ )

The whole room is the stage, so they wander about amongst us and do their acty stuff. As I can’t turn my torso more than about 2 degrees, I hope there isn’t much action behind me. Ooh missus..

Anyway, it’s old Eddie Redmondo in it.. and I’m hoping that since he also played ( and I think got an Oscar for ) Stephen Hawking, that he will be chumming up to me later on, playing the Inclusive Card. Who knows.

Bit parky tho tonight, as we say in Wales.

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